“A different language is a different vision of life” by Federico Fellini.


For most of my professional life I have been managing numerous projects in the field of Journalism, Film and Photography. Through this line of work I have been learning how to tell stories by means of still, motion pictures and written language.

EYENEX is my vision to merge my passion for written and visual languages by offering a wide range of media content services such as:

  • Photography Shootings (People, Reportage, Fine Art, Travel)
  • Conception of Multi Media formats: Screenplays and Concepts for Video on Demand
  • Written content for print and online medias
  • Sale of digital and analogue photos and prints (handmade BW-Fibre Prints, C-Prints) EYENEX shop

I am looking forward to converting your idea into a story.


Martina Strul